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January: Michael Benevenia
April: Sharon Heywardaa aa
July: Patricia A. Bender

October: Cathleen Parra
February: Chiara Chandoha
May: Tania Sen
August: Susan Evans Grove
November: Bill Ross
March: Norma Greenwood
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December: Linda Jacobs


The warm darkness under the #11 shade shield is claustrophilic.  After ten years, the heavy gauntlets and leather jacket function as a second skin, warm and tough. I strike the arc, the darkness goes away, and the chase of the tiny puddle of boiling steel begins. Reassuringly, the burning hot splatter hits the back of my neck and finds the painfully small holes in my gloves. Each weld is a modest, unadulterated record of this sequence of actions.

I am from a small town outside of Newark, New Jersey. The area and my family have helped structure and inform the art I create. I come from a family that values labor; naturally I see my sculpture as a labor, an art of building. My work is informed not only by my experiences as a structural welder and an industrial rigger, but also the close ties of my Catholic Italian-Polish family and the industrial and suburban landscape of Essex County. My Catholic upbringing has conferred in my work an investigation in self-reflection on mortality. I consider myself to share sculptor John Frame’s aspiration to explore contemplation, material and narrative in objects. I am also investigating the kinetic and participation with the object through examinations of Neo-Constructivist artist Lygia Clark’s Bichos sculptures from the early1960s. I see the exploration of a meditative narrative of handmade kinetic objects asking questions of iconography, organic vs. industrial materials, and emotional reflection to be a continued focus in my work.

Art is my vocation. My energy and focus have been geared towards building my life as an artist.  I want to build not only my studio practice, but also continue to pursue a lifelong artistic community. I will continue the chase of the little light confronting the darkness beyond the shield.

m benevia

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Steel fabrication with brass, bronze, copper, stainless inclusions
10”x9”x8”, 2013.
St. Sebastian Snaps His Selfie
Steel fabrication and acrylic on panel
10”x12”x4” (detail on right), 2013.
Steel fabrication and acrylic on panel
17”x15”x6”, 2013.
4 5 6
steel fabrication and acrylic on panel
11”x11”x3”, 2013.
Canto IV (In Bocca al Lupe)
Steel fabrication, acrylic on panel
18"x8"x5", 2013.

Canto VII (Unleveled Load)
Steel fabrication and acrylic
25"x11"x9"(open), 2013.

7 8 9
Canto V (Not Paolo and Francesca)
steel fabrication, acrylic on panel
18"x20"x6"(open), 2013.

Canto IX (Double Trouble)
 Steel fabrication, acrylic on panel
21”x 24”x8” (open), 2013.
Canto III (Watchung)
Steel fabrication, acrylic on panel
26"x21"x 8"(open), 2013.
10 11 12
acrylic on canvas
46”x26”, 2013.
acrylic on canvas
46”x26”, 2013.
acrylic on canvas
46”x26”, 2013.


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