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January: Michael Benevenia
April: Sharon Heyward aa
July: Patricia A. Bender

October: Cathleen Parra
February: Chiara Chandoha
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Newsprint Collage, A Journey

Working with Newsprint Collage has been a fifteen-year art production practice. This process reflects the growth and development of an individual style and unique artistic expression. This distinctive collage method has generated a body of work that reflects a 21st Century style concerned with expressing ‘Beauty.’ A keen awareness and concern for the formal elements of art and the basic principles of design are mindfully incorporated and each work reveals an influential source and offers the viewer a sense of time and space, while documenting a personal journey.

Richard Buntzen

The evolutionary path involving the appropriation of print media from newspapers and the use of collage techniques began in an Experimental Works studio class at New Jersey City University located in Jersey City in 1998.  While completing both a Master of Art and Master of Fine Arts degrees at NJCU, Buntzen explored and further experimented with newsprint fragments and collage production through a process of retrieval and reuse, giving new life and meaning to materials that would otherwise be discarded or recycled.

Isolated from context, fragments of visual facts and color print become a working palate creating arrangements of appropriated matter. The chronological phases of collage production vary. Objective and non-objective subject matter as well as realistic and abstract approaches are interchanged creating a differentiated body of work.

While some arrangements are exhibited individually, many become complimentary components that form module sets.  These module sets occupy space as a cohesive group and allow the work to expand into a more monumental presentation.

Buntzen, a member of the Atlantic Highlands Art Council, currently lives in Monmouth Beach and works out of his art studio in Asbury Park.


faded alley blue zip dead tree

Faded Alley-Riddled
Newsprint on wooden panels
72” x 72”, 2008

Blue Zip –Pink Band
Newsprint on wooden panels
72” x 72”, 2006

Dead-tree Media x 3
Newsprint on wooden panels
108” x108”, 2006

cheesequake hudson river january beach

Beyond Cheesequake
Newsprint on canvas panel
24” x 18”, 2014

Hudson River Hues
Newsprint on canvas
48” x 48”, 2002

January Beach
Newsprint on canvas panel
18”x 24”, 2014

onthe hook

pesca luna


On the Hook
Newsprint on canvas panel
24” x 18”, 2014

Pesca Luna
Newsprint on canvas panel
18”x 24”, 2012

Newsprint on canvas panel
18”x 24”, 2014

sand dune


winter surf

Sand Dune
Newsprint on canvas panel
18”x 24”, 2014

Tokyo Blue Yonder
Newsprint on wooden panel
36” x 36”, 2007

Winter Surf
Newsprint on canvas panel
18”x 24”, 2014

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