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My name is Sharon Heyward. I am a legal secretary by profession. However, a year ago, I discovered my passion for photography. I was born and raised in the city of Newark, NJ where I reside to this day. There is much wrong with my city, as evidenced by our crime and poverty statistics. Although I see the ugly every single day I leave my house...I choose to see beauty here as well...Everyday. I therefore photograph what I see and try to restore it's beauty with each photograph.

I was raised by my grandmother who would often take me to the Hahne’s Department Store in downtown Newark when I was just a young girl, and I would marvel at the fine furnishings, shiny floors and lovely clothing. And now, many years later, the building is abandoned and decaying, I am still drawn to it as it is still beautiful to me. It has a past and personality and reminds me of the wonderful times spent with my grandmother who cared for me when no one else would.

Why am I so drawn to crumbling brick walls, boarded up windows, rusty pieces of metal, decaying buildings, or graffiti tagged walls? Who the heck knows. Perhaps it’s because despite of all this they are still standing and have faced the ravages of time and circumstances and still have a voice that speaks to me. They inspire me to keep moving forward despite adversities I have faced or the circumstances in which I may find myself. They inspire me not accept stereotypes that have chased me my entire life. To stand tall, although broken and weathered, and to still have hope and to dream of mighty things.

I like to show, through my photos, that Newark was once a very grand and beautiful city. Many of the buildings I photograph I remember seeing in their splendor as a child. Newark is still strong and I do not want it forgotten.


1 1 1
Say What You Need To Say
8 x 10; 2013
The Decline and Fall Of The Roman Empire
8 x 10; 2013
he Circle Of Life
8 x 10; 2013
5 6

Crawling In My Skin,
These Wounds They Will Not Heal

Photograph; 8 x 10; 2013

A Slim Chance Of Salvation
8 x 10; 2013

Come To My Window,
Wait By The Light Of The Moon

Photograph; 8 x 10; 2013




Hike Up Your Skirt A Little More,
Show Your World To Me

Photograph; 8 x 10; 2012

Shattered Dreams, Broken Promises
8 x 10; 2013

I See Your True Colors Shining Through
8 x 10; 2013

10 11 12

Nightmares and Dreamscapes
8 x 10; 2013

In The Darkest Hour Even A Sinner Seeks The Light
8 x 10; 2013

School Of Hard Knocks
8 x 10; 2013

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