La Ruche Art Contemporary Consortium (LRACC) presents an innovative art exhibition titled Roots/Raices, which will highlight diverse international ethnic groups, examining their unique cultural differences through the lens of visual art.  This artistic examination of diverse ethnic groups will focus primarily on each culture’s ethnicity, exploring the social customs and traditions that define and characterize each selected ethnic group, investigating ancestral links, as well as their collective social, cultural, or national experience(s). Also important to this LRACC project will be how the roots of cultural heritage and ancestry determine origin myths, cultural history, devotion to their familial homeland, language and/ or dialect, shared ideologies, including symbolic systems such as religion, mythology, and rituals.  Also, of consequence will be each group’s particular cuisine, dress, and sense of style, including their general attitude about life.  Through the Roots/Raices art exhibition LRACC plans to shed light on all that pertains to ethnicity within each selected culture: Puerto Rican, Cuban, Ecuadorian, Peruvian, Honduran, Colombian, USA.

Jose Acosta

acosta acosta2 acosta3

Angeles Badia

badia badia
Walter Barco Bajana bajana bajana

Gerardo Castro

castro castro2

Pablo Caviedes


Christine Devereaux


William Franco

franco franco2

Violeta Guzman

guz guzman'

Hernando Rico Sanchez

sanchez sanchez2 sanchez3

Dr. Jose Rodeiro

rodiero rodiero2 roiero3 rodiero4

Wichie Torres

torres torres2